The goals of each court or agency are going to vary greatly—from wanting to lower costs to clients to having more control over the operations and finding ways to keep better tabs on compliance. We have a great deal of experience in creating custom solutions that achieve several different goals. By combining pieces from our Full-Service and Program Managed Solutions, we can customize a program that fits the exact needs of your court or agency.

Using a proprietary software, we can sit down with your court or agency and plug in the outcomes that are desired, discuss the functions that your program is willing to do and what you feel comfortable having us perform for you. From that we can create a cost-effective solution that matches exactly what you want out of your monitoring program.

The more the court or agency is willing to take on from an operational standpoint the lower the cost we can pass to the clients. We can also show you ways to expand the use of programs to increase the ability for indigent clients to participate in effective monitoring programs.

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