With full service programs, we do everything and only notify of items that are pertinent to the clients’ cases. We will prepare and send any violation reports in a timely fashion so that your program can react to it as necessary. We also provide program summary reports on a frequency the court or agency desires.

Our team of technicians can perform installations at a location that is convenient for the client such as jail upon release, the probation department or court following an order for monitoring, their home, work, school, or any other safe and accessible location.*

Our staff communicates any necessary information to the clients, including having them read, understand, and sign program participation agreements, services contracts (where necessary) and payment arrangement and obligation agreements.

Our Compliance and Client Services departments ensure that program guidelines are followed and payment obligations are handled in a timely fashion. If the clients are seriously delinquent on payment, we notify the court or agency with a final deadline for the client to become up-to-date with all financial obligations before any further action is necessary or taken.

We work with every client as much as possible to make all our programs cost-effective and affordable. Compliance with the financial obligations of the programs are the responsibility of the client.

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