For courts or agencies that want to have the most exposure and control over the programs for which their clients participate, we have Agency Managed Solutions. For these programs, we supply the court or agency with all necessary equipment, supplies, tools, software, and initial and ongoing training to ensure that the program runs smoothly.

Additionally, we assign an Account Manager to help to oversee the program, help with troubleshooting, site visits, and inventory management. These additional services aid the court or agency in operating an efficient and cost-effective program. We even provide any of the necessary court support for any potential violations including court hearing preparedness trainings, any required reports, and if necessary, someone to testify over the phone, via internet, or in-person.

The court or agency is billed monthly for only the operational days of each piece of equipment during each month. These types of programs are growing in popularity for several reasons. One of the most common is that courts or agencies sometimes cannot afford the investment in technology to operate of program of their own. Since we charge only when equipment is used and no shelf, supplies, or maintenance fees, we are often more cost effective than manufacturers. Also, the low daily cost gives the court or agency an opportunity to charge the clients a significantly lower fee than a full-service program and even a possible revenue stream to be used for additional staff or supplemental programs.

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