Certified Court Ordered Classes & Evaluations

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Total Court Services has partnered with Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation (ABR), a leader in court-ordered rehabilitative classes, evaluations and programs to provide our partner courts and agencies with more options for their participant population.

ABR offers court ordered classes conducted by licensed psychologists and counseling professionals. These classes include substance abuse, anger management, theft, and more. Their innovative online courses are available live or recorded and satisfy virtually any court requirement. ABR conducts their courses with a strong belief that making a mistake or having a troubled past shouldn’t define your future.

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Available Classes

Certified Substance Abuse Courses

  • Alcohol/Drug Insight & Awareness
  • Prescription Drug Insight & Awareness
  • Alcohol Insight & Awareness
  • Marijuana Insight & Awareness

Anger Management & Domestic Violence

  • Anger Habits Program
  • Domestic Abuse Intake Assessment
  • Domestic Abuse Early Intervention

Other Courses

  • One Day: Level 1 Basic Driver Rehab Program
  • One Day: Level 2 Basic Driver Rehab Program
  • One Day: Alcohol Highway Safety Program
  • One Day: Cannabis Highway Safety Program
  • Retail Theft Intervention

Psychological Assessments & Evaluations

  • Intake Assessment
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Substance Abuse / Alcohol Assessment
  • DAAD Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Exit Assessment
Refer a Client for a Class or Evaluation Now

“It was pretty important to attend this class because it changes my way of thinking while driving.”

ABR Client Daniel

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Total Court Services actively monitors more than 10,000 clients on a daily basis using several technologies and testing methods for compliance with court orders, pretrial/bond release, or for license reinstatement programs. Every day we strive to make our individual clients successful and help our court and agency partners maintain and exceed their high standards.

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