Private Client Referrals

When you need someone monitored and need it done now

Pivate client referrals are an important part of keeping clients on-track for a number of reasons. Most often employed by bail bondsmen to track locations of clients out on high-dollar bonds, private referrals often also come from treatment providers, counselors, and family attorneys.

From alcohol monitoring for family court issues and real-time GPS location monitoring to simple smartphone applications and notification systems to remind clients of important events and information, TCS can cater a program that meets to goals of the referring entity.

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How It Works

  1. Reach out to us regarding the private client referral
  2. Our staff will help you select the program that is right for you
  3. We enroll the client and setup an appointment to provide orientation
  4. We provide all reports and information directly to the referrer
  5. The referrer can start and stop the program when desired
  6. We prepare a final assessment for the referrer, an attorney, or a court

Programs Perfect for:

  • Bail bondsmen needing to track locations of clients
  • Counsellors with alcohol dependent clients
  • Treatment providers needing outsourced, recent-use drug testing
  • Family court attorneys wanting to test non-custodial parents
  • Educational institutions wanting to give students second chances

Solutions Available for Private Client Referrals

Alcohol Monitoring

Other Breath Monitoring

Location Monitoring

Not all technologies are available from TCS in all geographic areas. Please check with your enrollment specialist to verify what technologies and programs are available in your area.

Here to Fill a Need for Private Entities

TCS has fulfilled needs for private referrers for years using a number of different technologies. With new software and smartphone solutions, we have an even larger solutions offering that can assist with a wider range of needs for clients.

“The staff are friendly, easy to work with, and didn’t look down on you. We all make mistakes”

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