Marshall County Community Corrections


510 W Adams St.
Suite #260
Plymouth, IN 46563

Important Forms & Documents

Rules & Guidelines
Intake Packet
EHD Transfer In Application
EHD Transfer Out Application

Mission Statement

Provide cost effective programs utilizing evidence based practices to generate positive change.

Components of Community Corrections

  • Home Detention/GPS Electronic Monitoring
  • Jail Treatment Program
  • Remote Alcohol Breath Testing
  • Community Transition Program

Procedures for Admission

The Defendant must complete a Community Corrections worksheet and then schedule an interview. To schedule an interview call the Office at 574-935-8782. This appointment must be at least three weeks prior to your sentencing date.

The Offender is required to bring the following documents to the Interview.

A completed Community Corrections Application and General Rules and Special Conditions Packet; which must include the completed employer agreement.

Eligible Requirements include but are not limited to the following

  • Permanent Residence
  • Financial Ability to Pay the Required Fees
  • Must be Employed
  • Have not been removed from this or any other Community Correction Program within the past seven (7) years
  • Must not have a history of convictions involving, resisting LE, violence involving weapons or criminal sexual acts
  • Not considered a risk or threat to the community
  • Have had no history of escape and/or absconding
  • Currently have no warrants, detainers, holds or orders of protection issued by a Court of another Jurisdiction

The following is a list of characteristics that disqualify an individual from being placed on Home Detention

  1. Multiple prior (history of) convictions involving resisting, violence, weapons, or criminal sexual acts;
  2. History of escape and /or absconding;
  3. Expelled or discharged unsatisfactorily from any prior community correction program;
  4. Flight risk or a threat to the physical safety of the public;
  5. Serious mental or physical illness that hider their abilities to follow the guidelines of Marshall County Community Corrections;
  6. Conviction of an ineligible offense in the preceding seven (7) years from the current conviction date (see the below list of offenses); or
  7. Currently has a warrant, detainer, hold, or order of protection issued by a court of another jurisdiction.